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Books are good resources for almost any subject.

Whenever I need books, I get them from Amazon right away. Or read it on Kindle and listen to it on the Amazon audiobook app Audible.

These include books related to subjects like self-help, personal finance, business books, investment, biography, personal transformation etc.


Hindi Audiobook on Kindle
Audiobooks in Hindi on Amazon
Hindi Audi Book on Audible

The digital tools you need to succeed at every level.

At Hindi Audiobook, we only recommend tools that we’ve either created or use ourselves. Just the very best digital tools that we’ve found to be essential to achieving success in audiobooks online business.

These include tools like video, audio and picture editing and recording software.

  • Audio Recording & Editing Software

  • Video Recording & Editing Stuff

  • Screen Recording Software

  • Photo Editing Tools

  • Wrting Tools

  • Web Hosting Platform


2. Google Domain


Best gadgets for content creators.

So, are you ready to embrace the new era of content creation? If so, we are here to tell you how to get started with basic gadgets like camera, lighting, microphone, stabilizers, and many more.


Here we outline the content creation tools you need, what you need to buy, and - as far as possible - how to get a second-hand model for a very affordable price.

  • Laptop / PC

  • Keyboard / Mouse

  • Lighting

  • Microphone

  • Audio Interface

  • Acoustic Panels

  • Camera

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