The Process of Getting More

Success is an Idea: it attracts more and more, one who can see a clear mental picture of the desired changes in the future.

After all, how long will we keep putting off the wishes of ourselves, our children, and our family for another day? Why can't we stop throttling dreams? After all, what is the compulsion, due to which we achieve what we want to do?

Our present thoughts are the result of the information received by the brain knowingly or unknowingly. We keep getting this information continuously from many sources. Two of which are verbal and mathematical abilities, which we learned in school. To master them, we have spent most of our life between childhood and youth there.

Although we need to learn both these subjects, a big problem with school education is that we become what we study. Whether we like it or not. We need to more than this in life to live according to our desires.

We have become what we could have from the present habits, we have done what we could have achieved, we are where we can reach as far as we can. If we want to rise above our present situation, what changes will we have to make in our current habits, thinking, and actions?

Through "Adhik Prapt Karne Ki Prakriya" book, we will find that reliable process for ourselves. With its repeated use, we can create unlimited time and wealth for ourselves. So that instead of unwanted life for himself and his family, he can get the freedom to live the life he wants.

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